TAG’s excellence

The heat treatments and special processes leader.

More than 30 years of experience and a strong drive towards innovation make us the ideal partner for any future-oriented company

Established in 1988, TAG has ever since been a provider of cutting-edge heat treatment services and a partner of choice for the most prominent players in the automotive, aerospace, biomedical and power generation industries.

Consistent focus on conducting forward-looking research and development activities.

News about our Heat Treatments

There is no greater innovation… than the one whose time has come!

TAG’ Services

Not just Heat Treatments and Non Destructive Testing

Vacuum Heat Treatments, Non Destructive testing, Ion-Nitriding, Sub-Cooling, Vacuum Brazing and special processes. But it’s not just that: TAG is one of the few European companies offering the HIP treatment. Our philosophy? Innovation beside the Heat Treatments: if there are still no solutions we are the ideal partner to design them with.

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