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The day of celebrations organised for TAG’s 30th Anniversary took place on Sunday September 16th: for the occasion, we invited our employees and collaborators with their families, together with some of our long term partners who have supported us throughout our long growth journey.

The result was absolutely amazing:  almost 200 people of all ages gathered in the breathtaking setting of Cascina Il Casale in Inverigo (CO) in a carefree and joyous atmosphere.

The event started around noon with a glorious aperitif served by the buffet facilities distributed in the garden of the Casale: an opportunity to greet everyone and have a chat, taking advantage of the gazebos and the dedicated areas in the extensive and picturesque park.

After the first refreshments had been served, the younger guests were welcomed by two entertainers who set up games and activities specifically designed for their enjoyment; the adults on the other hand enjoyed the work of three artists, between one buffet facility and another, who used white t-shirts specifically branded for the event, on which to airbrush fun caricatures: an enjoyable and original way to keep a memory of the day.

After the aperitif, we made our way to the dining hall inside the Casale where, after a short welcome speech by the CEO Antonino Silipigni, lunch was served; during the break between the first and second courses came the first of the two “surprises” of the day, a Capoeira performance of the Milanese group Sul da Bahia: it started with typical music and songs, and then continued with a taste of this Brazilian martial art, as much choreographic as engaging, which left everyone speechless!


30 anni di TAG: la festa!

After lunch it was time to indulge in the second event of the day: after being announced on stage, Paolo Migone from Zelig made his entrance to entertain the guests with some of his most famous cabaret sketches! The fun and entertainment across the room were viral and the laughter continued throughout his performance!

As the day came to a close, we all strolled outside again to cut the cake and make a toast: music, games, karaoke and a photobooth corner accompanied our guests for the rest of the afternoon.

This party was a worthy way to celebrate a 30-years journey of growth and satisfaction, of goals achieved and projects still to be pursued, it was also a way to honor the real heart and soul of TAG, that is the outstanding team of people involved in the company. So let’s file this amazing experience in the archives and let’s go back to work, with even more enthusiasm than before … ready to celebrate our next anniversaries and future successes!!

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