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A history that paves the way to the future

What we are preparing to celebrate this year is a highly prestigious anniversary:30 years of history are starting to become a fundamentally important cultural baggage, but TAG is feeling far from & quot; worn” and has more fire in its veins than ever before.

On one hand we feel a powerful desire to celebrate this goal, to retrace our history and to proudly reminisce the important achievements we have accomplished; on the other hand, we are ready to pursue the challenges of the future, which we approach with the calm of our acquired experience along with the ongoing desire to rise to the occasion.

30 years of operating in the business are a significant goal, which we don’t view as a final destination, but yet as an another fundamental step in a story that is all in the making.

Reminiscing our origins

It all began with one man and a vision: to create a company dedicated to innovation and avant-garde technology (hence the acronym TAG).

After 30 years we can safely say that his dream has come true: TAG is now an internationally recognised enterprise, with highly prestigious partners and references and constantly keeps abreast of all the latest demands of the markets in which it operates.

Looking back on our growth path comforts us, but what we are most proud of is that we are able to tell ourselves that “the best is yet to come”.

Looking beyond

With two operational headquarters and 70 collaborators, today we are a large family and the heart and soul of the company.

We believe in team spirit, in collaboration and in the concept of sharing: till now these values have let us reach beyond our horizons, and we have no doubt that they will lead us to achieve constantly growing successes.

To start with, our name already conveys the sense of what we do: research on innovation. Market demands and technologies available change as years go by, but our mission remains unchanged and the enterprising spirit we are renowned for is constantly rekindled and stimulated.

2018: a year to celebrate

A year begins, that of 2018, which will be brimming with events and celebrations, reflections and brand new perspectives.

The first sign we have launched to highlight this occasion is a special logo dedicated to our anniversary: the lion, one of TAG’s; distinctive features, accompanies us along with the number 30 which, in its simplicity, becomes an integral part of the artwork while emphasising its message.

We will definitely have the opportunity to talk again about TAG during the next few months and to celebrate its history and its future.

Stay tuned!

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