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The 2018 edition of  Formnext , the trade-fair dedicated to the world of additive manufacturing held in Frankfurt on 13 – 16 November has just come to a close, but the excitement and enthusiasm are still in the air:  the attendance of both visitors and exhibitors at the event continues to grow, proof of the increasing interest that this innovative technology is able to stir up.

More specifically, Italy is a country that has seen a remarkable growth both in terms of the number of enterprises involved in the event and the different scopes, starting from the manufacturing of 3D printers and branching out to a series of other applications along the AM production chain, including heat treatment.

TAG attended the event with this vision in mind, but in a new “light”in fact, it presented the new SPCC (Special Process Competence Center) cluster, which core is formed by AtlaBeamit  and TAG.

This cluster of enterprises has set itself the target of achieving complete product verticalization starting from the 3D printing (Beamit), followed by coatings and special processes (Atla) up to heat treatments and hot isostatic pressing (TAG).

The end customers attending the event welcomed with warm enthusiasm the initiative of the three enterprises to create this hub of technological excellence in Northern Italy, which will be capable of supplying finished products with exceptionally short lead times and optimising the various processing phases.

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