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Aluminium-based thermo-chemical diffusion treatment.

Ensuring a long-lasting result
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Aluminizing is the application of aluminium diffusion coating on components and it is mostly used on Nickel/Cobalt-based superalloys.

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The treatment is aimed at protecting steel structures of turbine components that are subject to high working temperatures (“hot parts”), be they rotating or stationary blades. The process is used on power generation facilities (such as land-based gas turbines) and on aircraft propellers (such as turbojet and turbofan engines).

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The process ensures the component can retain its specific properties for a long period of time, thus considerably enhancing the lifetime of turbines. Thanks to the extensive expertise we have gained over the years, at TAG we can perform the aluminizing process on the internal surface of some components.

The aluminizing process

Aluminizing is the key to ensuring operating efficiency

Aluminizing is an oxidation and hot corrosion resistant coating. The high working temperatures of turbines (of more than 1000°C), as well as some specific weather conditions, such as saline air in coastal areas, bring to aluminium depletion. The process forms a coated aluminium layer on the component which can be used by the inevitable oxidation process instead of “extracting” material from the base alloy.

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Alluminizzazione - Superfici esterne
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Alluminizzazione - Superfici interne
  • Delays hot corrosion;
  • Makes it possible for components to be used in special weather condition;
  • Prevents the thermo-mechanical properties of the component from changing;
  • Further enhances the life of components.

Thanks to the extensive field experience we have gained over the years, TAG is now able to perform aluminium coating both on external surfaces of airfoil-shaped bodies (airfoil, tip, shank) and on the internal surfaces such as blade cooling channels. Such process is performed by using special one-off masking for each component. The treatment is carried out on steels for a number of purposes, such as the application in the petrochemical industry (off-shore and on-shore oil platforms).

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