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Providing value-adding analysis

Efficiency is at the core of TAG laboratories

TAG - Trattamenti termici


Our laboratory facilities feature calibration and testing equipments able to meet quality standards in accordance with our customers’ specific requirements, focusing on delicate and demanding sectors in particular.

TAG - Trattamenti termici


State-of-the-art equipment, a team of highly qualified engineers and facilities able to provide all-encompassing solutions are the key to ensuring the efficiency TAG laboratories are renowned for.

TAG - Trattamenti termici


Laboratory analysis is complementary to our manufacturing and heat treatment services, aiming at providing our clients a comprehensive solution able to meet their specific requirements.


Quality assurance proficiency

Both the Dolzago and the Cremella operational facilities house laboratories able to independently manage an impressive range of testing services to be performed. However, all the laboratory-based activities are fully managed by our Quality Assurance Team.

Laboratorio analisi metallurgiche - Ottica
Laboratorio analisi metallurgiche - Microscopia elettrica
Laboratorio analisi metallurgiche - Prove durezza
Laboratorio analisi metallurgiche - Laboratorio
  • Optical microscopy;
  • Scanning Electrical Microscope (SEM) with EDS for chemical analysis;
  • Charpy impact test up to 450 J;
  • Tensile testing up to 100 kN;
  • HR, HV and HB hardness testing;
  • Vickers and Knoop microhardness measurement.

TAG is also equipped with an accredited metrological laboratory for the calibration of temperature sensors and of the instruments used by all the heat treatment equipments. All activities are performed in compliance with national and international standards, be such instruments located on the specific equipment or used in the department. Temperature calibration ranges from – 80 °C to 1350 °C.

Laboratorio analisi metallurgiche - Processi

The instruments of our calibration equipment we use to provide an extensive range of measurement services (temperature, pressure, humidity, gas flow and time) are subject to control on a regular basis. Checks on instruments, as well as TUS and SAT controls, are performed in compliance with international standards, such as AMS 2750, and with the exacting clients’ standards.

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