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A laboratory to develop solutions

TAG - Trattamenti termici


Research and innovation have always been essential values in TAG’s corporate mission:for this reason, from about one year we decided to structure a laboratory dedicated to the research, development and innovation activities: RD&I.

TAG - Trattamenti termici


On one hand sophisticated and avant-garde machinery, on the other one a personnel which is highly qualified in research activity: this is our recipe in order to be able to offer to the Customer innovative solutions that are “out of the schemes”.

TAG - Trattamenti termici


Our commitment is realized both in improving the efficiency of already existing processes to improve their performance and in proposing effective solutions to recurring problems.



RD&I laboratory is situated in our facility in Cremella, with dedicated space and personnel, and it cooperates with all the corporate productive areas and the laboratories for the metallurgical analysis.

Ricerca Sviluppo Innovazione
Ricerca Sviluppo Innovazione
Ricerca Sviluppo Innovazione
Ricerca Sviluppo Innovazione
Ricerca Sviluppo Innovazione
Ricerca Sviluppo Innovazione
Ricerca Sviluppo Innovazione
  • AUTOLAB – PGSTAT302N: it corresponds to a potentiostat/galvanostat that allows to perform electrochemical tests and controlled corrosion tests on specially manufactured specimens. These tests are performed inside reactors called electrochemical cells.
  • ICP-OES: it corresponds to a radial and axial absorption / emission spectrophotometer which allows to analyse metals in solution.
  • 3D printer: this latest generation device allows us to create working prototypes specially designed in different areas of research. The materials available are: PLA, PVA, PP, ABS, etc.
  • Thermic baths: allow the measurement of intensive properties such as temperature by adding agitation using mechanical sound waves (ultrasounds).

In general, the laboratory consists of a robust supply of glass material, chemical reagents of all kinds, vacuum micro-pumps, volumetric pro-pipettes graduated with fixed and variable volume.


Research Centers

Over the years, various research and development projects have been carried out with accredited research centres and universities: here are some of the names with which we have collaborated:

Mechanics department

Aerospace Department

Fraunhofer Institute – Aachen

MCL – University of Leoben

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