Antonino SilipigniChief Executive Officer

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    Business Role

    Antonino Silipigni is the Chief Executive Officer and TAG founder


    CV & Skills

    After a technical course of studies, Antonino Silipigni is hired by SORBIT Srl, a heat treatments company. He started in 1987 to work as a freelancer and from his deep passion for technology, created the TAG concept and company. Despite the commitment into company development, he continues to deal with consulting collaborating with major companies in the sector such as the Nuova Breda Fucine, the Istituto Scientifico Breda and the Forgiatura Moderna Arese until 1999. As CEO, Antonio Silipigni is also actively involved in various vertical innovation initiatives. In fact, he took part in training courses for the Italian Metallurgical Association, he was a member of the Diecasting Committee and Vice-President of the Center for developing heat treatments.


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