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Our goal

Stripping techniques on power generation components

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Gas turbine components are made in nickel or cobalt-based alloys for the purposes of ensuring corrosion resistance and thermal shielding of hot parts. Despite their good mechanical properties, such alloys are not well resistant to oxidation and hot corrosion.

TAG - Trattamenti termici


In order to enhance their resistance, the surface of components is treated with anticorrosive Thermal-Barrier Coatings (TBC) and a Bond Coat (BC) layer to strengthen the bond between layers. Such coatings enhance the corrosion resistance of vanes and blade parts.

TAG - Trattamenti termici


Stripping is a coating removing technique that is of key importance to the repair and reconditioning of exhaust components. Its application is particularly crucial in today’s power generation industry as it provides the end-client with advantageous cost and energy-efficient solutions.

Our Method

A wide range of nondestructive testing offered by TAG

During the coating repair process, the first step to be performed is the coating removal by using proper stripping techniques.

Stripping - Ricondizionamento
Stripping - Vasche
Stripping - Reparto

At TAG we use a number of dipping tanks with different chemical solutions whose concentrations are specific to the type of components to be treated, thus ensuring our stripping process removes the whole coating without impacting on components’ shape and base material.


Retention of basic properties of the material properties is crucial, as the removal of the ceramic coating – without causing distortions and damages while the process is performed – makes it possible for the surface of components to undergo thorough testing in order to detect even extremely small defects that are due to component service. Once defects have been detected, repair and reconditioning processes are carried out on the component.

Stripping - Rimozione rivestimento

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