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“User manual for youngsters approaching the job market”: this is the slogan adopted by Roadjob, an initiative created and promoted by Rodacciai, a long-standing company of Bosisio Parini (LC), which has set itself the target of promoting contact between youngsters leaving school and the companies in the Lecco area.

There are going to be two different meetings:  the first one is holding on the 12 th October at the Lecco Polytechnic and will be an opportunity to promote extensive networking among businesses, institutions, schools, youngsters from the area and their families through a round table that will involve all the participants; the second one is scheduled to take place in March-April 2019 and in this case the students are headlining the show, with the opportunity to present their questions and doubts to the businessmen and entrepreneurs attending the event.

In a period such as this, featuring extensive innovation and transformation of the job market, with the revolution brought by Industry 4.0 along with the ongoing changes brought about by the digitisation of industrial processes, it is more important than ever to encourage and support our youngsters to acquire all the skills and expertise they need to successfully become an important part of the same.

We at TAG are proud to have the opportunity to make a contribution as a “friendly company” to this praiseworthy project, in the hope that these first but vitally important steps shall only be the prelude to a better future for us and our children.

For further information and to register for the event scheduled for October 12th:

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