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Euroguss, a biennial exhibition held at the Nuremberg exhibition centre, is increasingly becoming an unmissable event for those who, like TAG, operate in the light-alloy and aluminium die-casting sector for the automotive industry.

Edition after edition (this year is number twelve) the event figures continue to increase, in relation to both the size of the exhibition area and also the number of qualified visitors who come from all over Europe to attend this event.

The ultimate focus of the event is the presence of the major automotive groups, especially from Europe, such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Skoda and many others: an entire world rotates around them with mould producers, treatment enterprises, foundries and steel mills that make the production process possible for end customers.


After 2 or 3 rather subdued editions, this year the trend has definitely taken a U-turn: a certain liveliness was in the air, optimism pervaded the atmosphere and there were clear signs of recovery for the automotive market.

This let the exhibitors attending the event rekindle existing contacts but, above all, meet new ones, with a view to increasing collaboration within the supply chain.

There was no lack of news or discussions on the innovative techniques that are increasingly growing in the die-casting industry: the use of aluminium and light alloys in the construction of structural parts of vehicles is an aspect that has been consolidated for some time now, and updates on this topic were high on the agenda.


TAG has been an active exhibitor at Euroguss for the last 6 editions: it can therefore boast a decade of attendance at the exhibition.

Our corporate philosophy on the topic of heat treatments for die casting moulds is constantly avant-garde, and allows us to always be one of the top players in the industry.

In fact, it was a few years ago that we completed the installation of a hardening and tempering plant that is one of the highest performing in Europe, with a useful load capacity of up to 8000 kg: we pursued this investment so at to meet the demands and requirements of an ever-changing market, which requires the use of increasingly large moulds for the construction of structural parts for cars which are, on the contrary, increasingly lighter, with a view to decreasing consumptions whilst increasing safety.

With this in mind, the presence of TAG at such an important industry exhibition as Euroguss is – and continues to be – an international showcase where we can convey our quality and reputation to all of the major European car manufacturers, as demonstrated by the prestigious qualifications achieved over the years.

Some images from the TAG stand at Euroguss 2018

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