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The first “technological afternoon” was held on Tuesday, March 13th at the headquarters of API Lecco with a purely technical view of the history of the Association. The main topics of the seminar were Non-Destructive Testing and Non-Invasive Measurement Techniques: four speakers, from both the industrial and the academic world, took the stage during an afternoon deliberately conceived to promote an exchange and enhancement of know-how between the two environments.

TAG was behind the choice of this topic for the first seminar: reflecting on certain aspects, we realised that too often there is a lack of awareness within enterprises in the surrounding territory regarding the possible solutions available to them to face “every day” problems. Hence the idea to contact a local association such as API Lecco, as well as its own start-up ApiTech, to propose an afternoon of in-depth study on these issues, an invitation that was promptly received with considerable enthusiasm.


This is how the idea of the first “technological afternoon” came about, promoting a sort of “format“, that we think we can replicate in the future extending to other topics, to meet the actual needs of local enterprises. The feedback obtained after the first meeting was certainly positive: over thirty participants, including engineers and technical experts representing enterprises in the area, showed an interest at the seminar; we have all we need, therefore, to continue in this direction.

The topic of this first meeting was proposed by our collaborator Flavio Vendramin, a specialist and expert in Non-Destructive Testing. “In the common imaginary, the NDTs are a set of inspection methodologies applicable solely to certain niche industries, for example aeronautics: the objective I set myself when organising this meeting was to disseminate information and boost awareness on these methods, which can actually be very useful to resolve a much wider range of problems … to do so, however, we must be aware of this great opportunity!”.

Some photos of the four speakers during the “technological afternoon”


This was the starting point when we decided to organise the seminar: from the industrial world, in addition to the speech by Vendramin with further insights into the Penetrating Liquids and Ultrasound techniques, we were proud to welcome Dr. Luigi Merletti, President of CFE-NDT (NDT Training and Examination Center) and, until December 2017, of ITANDTB (Italian Aerospace Non Destructive Testing Board).

During his speech Dr. Merletti highlighted the extreme importance of Non-Destructive Testing, often underestimated and carried as routine activities without due attention, with potentially catastrophic results; he then gave further insights into the techniques of Radiography and Computerized Axial Tomography, which is rapidly spreading from the medical field to industrial environments.

From the academic world, on the other hand, there were two different topics approached: the first one by Dr. Marcello Campione, professor of Physics of Matter at the University of Milan-Bicocca, who explained the topic of scanning probe microscopy, a technique that allows you to “feel with the touch of an atom”; the second topic was introduced by Dr. Marco Tarabini, Professor of Measurements and Experimental Techniques at the Milan Polytechnic, who presented the latest news in the field of 2D and 3D measurements using vision techniques.

We at TAG are delighted that our event was as successful as we had hoped and we trust that this step is the first one of a long series towards an increasingly close collaboration and sharing of knowledge among the parties; we are also pleased that both API Lecco and the academic establishments in the area responded so well to our input: we have always believed that togetherness is the way forward and it is nice to see how this line of thought is shared by others.

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